Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A Little Introduction

I've been struggling with how to do this for a little over a month now, so I'm just going to go for it and pretend I'm not nervous. Some of you may know me as Elise Hepner, erotica and erotic romance writer, but over here--over here is where I play with the dead bodies.

I started my reading career with mysteries, thrillers, and suspense. I was reading Iris Johanson and Agatha Christie way before Maya Banks and Megan Hart. I kind of dropped into erotic romance's lap without much small talk after college and it was so, so alluring. Plus I needed time to admit to myself that I had the strength to knock out a mystery, a twisty, twindy, slippery bastard of a book. That book came to me a year and a half ago in the form of Deadlines, until I became a slave to it's story. But I still had no idea if I was doing it right (little known fact, I'm a bit of a perfectionist) to the point where it's taken me this long to get the guts to shove my little cozy mystery out into the world before I cower behind my blanket.

Well, here I am.

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